Wandering Plains

The Wandering Plains of Siliginis are a sprawling, fertile land, originally settled by retired soldiers of the Imperial Legions of Nerath. Originally it was called ‘Siliginis Colonia’, literally, ‘Wheat Colony’. Now, many of these estates lie abandoned, as the population was killed or fled to other parts after the fall of Nerath. Some of the descendants of these families remain and work their land to this day. They use the military gear and arts passed down from their forefathers to maintain security over the landholds and hamlets within their dominion. These minor warrior lords maintain a strong sense of pride in their families’ land owning status and martial heritage, and resist any attempt by outsiders to impose their will upon them.

In more recent years, this pride and obsession with martial strength has led to armed feuds between individual landowners and a growing factionalism. Drawn by the promise of gold and bloodshed, mercenary bands have begun to congregate in Enigma Keep, which is centrally located on the old Imperial Highway passing through the plains. The council of Enigma Keep are nervously watching the escalating conflict on the plains, from which most of the city’s food comes, along with a great portion of the support for Celestia’s Vanguard and the Order of the Golden Scale

To the North: Octa Halnir and the Wight Wood

To the East: Nerathi Heartland

To the West: Eastern Foot Hills and the Greyspine Mountains

To the South: Miktar Coast

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Wandering Plains

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