Order of the Golden Scale

This order of paladins dates back to the early years of the Empire of Nerath. Its founder was a comrade in arms of the founder of Celestia’s Vanguard, though they follow very different organizational and philosophical paths. Unlike the militaristic, crusading approach of the Vanguard, the Order is much smaller. All its members are true paladins called into the service of Bahamut. They range far and wide as knights errant, singly or in small groups, searching out and defeating evil one monster and one village at a time.

Commoners who would have a hard time attracting the attention of the Vanguard through anything less than the threat of a full scale invasion can appeal to the Order of the Golden Scale, whose members are righteous, compassionate warriors. Thus, while they wield less wealth and might, they are much beloved throughout the region.

The Order is currently headquartered in Enigma Keep, and generally maintains cordial relations with Celestia’s Vanguard, each recognizing the other’s strengths and goals. However, it should be noted that the leadership of the Vanguard believe that the Order should allow itself to be absorbed as an elite arm of its forces, rather than remaining independent. Incidently, such an event would also put the Order’s seat on Enigma Keep’s ruling council into the hands of the Vanguard.

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Order of the Golden Scale

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