Iron Home is the town that grew up around ancestral keep of the Ironblade family. It starts halfway down the slope of the hill on which the keep stands. It has since expanded to cover two other hills, and there is a stockade around it. Boats come and go from a small cluster of docks at the end of a winding trail down the steep rear slope of the hill on which the keep is built. The buildings are rustic stone and timber, ornamented here and there with carvings, and decorated with trimmed green pine branches. The streets are a chaotic tangle made of large flat stones.

Small communities of elves and dwarves live in Iron Home, owing to their relationships with the Baron. There are many dozens of empty stone foundations outside the town proper. These are known as ‘The Slabs.’ The town was once much larger, but was nearly destroyed during the Dark Years. The old foundations mark the edges of the original town. Occasionally the bones of a giant will poke up out of the ground after a heavy rain. The main town is surrounded by a simple stockade. The buildings are rustic stone and timber, ornamented here and their with carvings, and decorated with trimmed green pine branches. The streets are a chaotic tangle made of large flat stones. The upper half of the hill on which the keep was constructed is clear of buildings, but the town has spread out to encompass two smaller nearby hills- Cinder Hill and Grove Hill.

Cinder Hill Most of the Dwarves who live in Iron Home are concentrated around here. They have constructed a compact foundry that is set directly into the upper hillside. The building is long and two stories tall, with an interior pit. There are three blast furnaces. Great cauldrons hang from chains to receive slag from the furnaces. There are molds set in the floor of the chamber where the iron ore shipped in from the mountains is smelted into pig iron. Large bunkers of coal and flux are placed in the roof and chutes direct the raw materials directly into the blast furnaces. The furnaces are stoked by enormous sets of bellows that are powered by a waterwheel fed from a stream branching off the Redstone River. To the sides are chambers and forges where pig iron can be consolidated and rolled out into bars. In full operation, the foundry employs 18 dwarves per shift. The dwarves also maintain a few smithies. There is some resentment among the humans that the long lived dwarves hold most of the key master and journeyman positions. Borgin Cinderbeard is foreman of the foundry.

Grove Hill When the elves were granted refuge in Evergreen Vale, as a sign of their pledge, a grove of pines was planted on this hill, and has grown with unnatural speed. Mostly elves and half-elves congregate here. Wild animals slip among the shadows, though they rarely molest visitors who stick to the narrow, twisting trails.

The Temple of Bane Brooding near the foot of Cinder Hill is a squat building of thick stone with narrow windows and heavy barred gates. It is hung with red banners depicting a black fist. Outside is a firmly packed parade ground. An elf named Blackleaf maintains the temple. He was a former captain of the elves before the Hobgoblin occupation who now serves Bane, eschewing the gods who failed his people. He is highly pragmatic, and will welcome anyone with discipline and an interest in martial skill. He dreams of the day that the Baron builds an army and embarks on a campaign of expansion. Until then he regularly drills a volunteer militia several days a week. Some of the Baron’s troops and a handful of knights pay homage at the temple, but do not typically participate in drills. Blackleaf emphasizes spear-work in his training.

The Temple of Pelor A great hall constructed of massive timbers with a raised stone foundation. The grounds are well maintained, and there is a finely built shrine to Bahamut next to the Temple. Father Higgins, a kindly, ancient man is head of the temple, and has three young acolytes (none of whom are full clerics) who assist him. He ensures that they meticulously maintain the shrine to Bahamut.

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