Ironblade Keep

This mighty stronghold is known simply as ‘The Keep’ to the people of Evergreen Vale. Baron Ironblade rules here, just as his family has for generations. The keep lies on a hill above the town of Ironhome, and is protected at its back by a steep dropoff down to Lake Starmere. The keep consists of an outer curtain wall with four towers. The walls connect to the keep’s main structure, forming a hexagon shape. The central tower is constructed in three tiers, with the upper tier widening out and topped with a dome. Inside the dome is an observatory.

The keep is constructed of a glossy black stone used during the height of the Empire of Nerath. Quarried in a faroff land and enchanted with forgotten spells, it is like polished obsidian, but far harder, never chipping or weathering.

The keep is defended by siege weapons mounted in its towers, though some have been destroyed or damaged over the years, and the vale lacks the resources and skill to replace them. A section of one of the gatehouse towers and adjoining wall has been destroyed and replaced with inferior stonework in the past. Folk wonder at the fantastic power it would take to damage the original stone, and speculate that it happened during the terrible wars of the Dark Years.

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Ironblade Keep

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