The Huntsmen are a small group of commoners in the service of Evergreen Vale’s ruler, Baron Ironblade. In the long past era of the Empire of Nerath, the huntsmen chiefly maintained the barons’ private reserves, chased off poachers, and assisted in grand hunts. In the current day, they occupy a much more dangerous and critical role.

The huntsmen patrol the wilderness between the isolated villages, mines, and camps, dealing with troublesome wild animals, monsters, and outlaws. They also act as the baron’s eyes and ears, bringing him news from their travels, and reporting on the moods and concerns of the tough, independent hunters, loggers, and miners that comprise a large number of his subjects.

Most huntsmen are rangers who have lived all their lives in the untamed regions of Evergreen Vale, and are expert hunters and trackers, though the present Baron Ironblade does maintain a few with more unusual backgrounds in his employ.

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