Evergreen Vale

An independent barony consisting of a cluster of fertile, heavily forested valleys within the Greyspine Mountains. It is inhabited by a few thousand humans along with a handful of dwarves and halflings. There are a few hundred elven refugees who escaped the ElvenWood as well.

The barony is ruled by Josef Ironblade. The chief town is Ironhome. The primary trades are mining, logging, fishing, and hunting. Most trade is carried out with the city of Enigma Keep, far to the east.

At one time, dwarves inhabited a mighty city called Titan’s Fall at the south end of the vale, but it was abandoned during the Dark Years. This event is referred to as the Departure of the Dwarven Fathers

Locations Ironblade Keep Ironhome Poshkazyr Titan’s Fall

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Evergreen Vale

Evergreen Vale frostwalker