Enigma Keep

A powerful city east of the Greyspine Mountains. It is constructed at the site of a mysterious fey tower, and was founded when various wizards and mages built their own sanctums around the tower in an attempt to penetrate its secrets. After centuries of effort, none have succeeded in overcoming any but the outermost wards, which has earned the city the nickname of “Mages’ Folly.” The city grew as commoners and merchants gathered to serve the needs of the obsessed spellcasters. Today it is a cosmopolitan center of trade in a diminished world.

All the civilized peoples have a presence in the city, including a clan of dragonborn. Many of them serve in one of several crusading orders of paladins that are headquartered in or near the city.

The city is known for being a center of knowledge and magic relics of lost Nerath

Districts and Land Marks Grouped by Location

Spiral Tower The Wizards’ Ring The Crescent Mercenary Row

Tower of Spring

Tower of Winter Lower Celestia The Cemetary

Tower of Summer Lawgiver’s Court

Tower of Autumn The Granaries Grain Seller’s Market

People Organizations Places Events Magical Relics Tomes The Peoples

Enigma Keep

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