West of the Greyspine Mountains and Evergreen Vale lies the ElvenWood. Settled by the elves thousands of years ago, before even the rise of the long gone tiefling and draconic empires, the ElvenWood was a refuge from the wars and conflicts of the world. Visited by few outsiders, it was a place of primeval beauty, protected by the druids and wardens, and the creatures of the forest itself. Occasionally, visitors and traders would arrive from the Feywild at circles formed by the forests ancient standing stones.

The peoples of the ElvenWood suffered a grievous siege during the War of Falling Stars, as the drow or proxy armies of their minions assaulted the woods again and again. Nearly a third of the forest was destroyed. During the conflict the elves granted refuge to many human refugees, forming lasting bonds of friendship and cooperation with them. At the close of the war, the elves and humans sallied forth to join with eladrin and dwarven armies to drive the drow from their fortresses and back into the Underdark, though it was a sadly diminished people who returned to the ElvenWood.

The ElvenWood recovered slowly after the war, and chose alliance rather than isolation during the time of the empire of Nerath. At the fall of the empire, the elves remained close with the humans of Evergreen Vale, trading regularly after the passing of the Dark Years. However, twenty years ago, the elves came under sudden attack by the hobgoblins of the Bronze Kingdoms. It is unknown how the hobgoblins were able to surprise the elves’ wardens and sentinels, but in three bloody days the hobgoblins overcame all organized defenses and killed the entire inner circle of druids, preventing the elves from raising the forest to their aid.

The elves were all either killed, enslaved, or fled across the mountains or into the deepest glades of the ElvenWood. To this day, hobgoblins patrol the woods, dragging away any survivors that they can find, and setting them to work logging the forest. Hundreds of elves labor in captivity even twenty years later, sustained by their innate vigor and long life, but crushed by despair.

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