Eastern Foot Hills

The Eastern Foot hills of the Greyspine Mountains lead into the Wandering Plains, where lies Enigma Keep. The old Red Road provides an efficient method of travel from Evergreen Vale to the city. The foot hills are an empty, dead land, of dry scrub and light forest, ruined hill forts and towers; silent other than the rattle of dry stalks in the wind and the clamor of sinister crows. Only heavily armed caravans pass through, because the land is infested with bandits and monsters. The most notorious band of outlaws was the Carrion Eaters, a mob of Gnolls led by the villainous Festerpaws. However, heroes from Evergreen Vale killed Festerpaws and many of his raiders, largely breaking their power. It is expected that travel will become easier in the following months. Perhaps some brave souls might even try to recolonize the foot hills.

To the North: Octa Holnir and the Wight Wood

To the West: The Greyspine Mountains and Evergreen Vale

To the East: The Wandering Plains

To the South: The Miktar Coast

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Eastern Foot Hills

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