Clan Cinderbeard

The Cinderbeards are a dwarven clan residing in the town of Ironhome. They operate a great foundry on Cinder Hill, as well as involving themselves in numerous other crafts, including smithing, jeweling, and glassblowing.

Many among the youngest generations of the Cinderbeards chose to remain with their human neighbors in Evergreen Vale during the departure of the dwarven fathers, but they greatly lament the loss of so many of the ancient secrets of smithing and enchantment that the master crafters took with them. To this day they lack even the secret of creating steel.

In spite of their choice to remain in the wider world, the Cinderbeards are a very orthodox clan. They revere Moradin above all other deities, and believe that worship is a very individual matter- they maintain no clerics or shrines. The Cinderbeards have a single Keeper of Lore, but mostly they pass their faith down from parent to child and offer their worship at the forge. Hard work and diligent craftsmanship are their offerings to Moradin. They regard most other peoples, even dwarves of less orthodox clans, as a bit odd in their obsession with temples, priesthood, and worship.

In spite of their differences, under the leadership their Keeper of Lore, Borgin Cinderbeard, the dwarves maintain a close friendship with the humans of Evergreen Vale. They labor hard to preserve the safety of the barony, particularly through the smelting of ore to pay the Iron Tribute.

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Clan Cinderbeard

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