Pele is a an eladrin who traveled from the feywild to study under a wizard on the material plane. This wizard maintains a tower in Enigma Keep, where he has spent decades attempting to penetrate its mysteries. Having completed her apprenticeship, Pele traveled to Evergreen Vale, where she became court wizard to Baron Ironblade. There she serves the baron and continues her studies, aided at times by gifts and challenges sent by her old master.

Pele has become close to the mysterious eladrin named Helo, whom she met on her journey to the vale. During an adventure in the Underdark, Pele adopted a kobald hatchling.

Pele favors the color purple, and has a stylized purple wings tatooed on her back. She tends to use destructive, fiery spells in battle, and has a sometimes caustic personality.


Evergreen Vale frostwalker