Niki Ironblade


Niki Ironblade is the heir of Josef Ironblade, baron of Evergreen Vale. He is a wiry, intense fifteen year old with short cropped black hair. His eyes are an arresting shade of green, and he has a crooked grin. Haughty, but with a sense of humor, and diligent in carrying out his duties, Niki is generally well liked.

Currently, Niki is squire to Sir Delba, the hero of Evergreen Vale, a post which he takes great pride in, though he is disappointed that his task has taken him away from the brewing war with the Bronze Kingdoms. Recently, he displayed a disturbing enjoyment of dismemberment when he removed the head and paws of the gnoll bandit Festerpaws at Delba’s orders. He now keeps Festerpaws hand axe at his belt.


Niki Ironblade

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