A mysterious eladrin rogue, adrift in the world. Helo materialized in Evergreen Vale with no memory of his past or how he arrived there. By chance(?) he encountered Pele as she traveled to Ironblade Keep and became her companion.

Helo is a stealthy shadow, wielding twin short swords against his foes with vicious abandon. He rigorously trains himself daily, but not to the exclusion of other interests. He has a fascination with the stars, and makes a regular study of them. Recently, he has learned the awful truth, that the White Star that has recently appeared in the sky is a harbinger of doom for the whole world.

Helo has made a few inroads into discovering his past. He has become quite interested in Bane’s teachings, and Blackleaf, a cleric of Bane has observed his combat style and finds similarities to certain martial combat styles of the Feywild, and is conducting further research. Helo also had a disturbing encounter with the Witch of Fates, who told him that she had plucked him from his former life and assigned him the task of safeguarding Pele.



Evergreen Vale frostwalker