A young tiefling knight in the service of Baron Ironblade. Sir Delba’s grandfather recently met his death under mysterious circumstances. His father is a prominent knight of the Fifteen, and his family has served the line of barons for generations. Their loyalty has been repaid with tolerance, respect, and lands, in spite of their ancestry.

In battle, some of Delba’s tiefling heritage has begun to come to the fore, most noticably with the creation of his sword, the Scimitar of Feather and Bone.

Delba’s grandfather had begun to work at crosspurposes to the baron. He sought to force the baron into a confrontation with the Bronze Kingdoms, and began working to form alliances, acquire power, and sow unrest. Eventually, the baron learned of the plot, but not its source. Delba’s father was dispatched to deal with the conspiracy, which led to the death of his grandfather. Only his father, the baron, Sir Corbin, and Delba himself are aware of what happened. A mysterious man named Vex is carrying on the plot, and seeks to recruit Delba.



Evergreen Vale frostwalker