Arborea is a primeval dryad born in ElvenHome. At one time she was a powerful elven druid, but was slain along with all her colleagues by hobgoblin assassins. Her spirit lingered in Elvenhome, aiding the remaining elves who survived in hiding. Finally, an elf shaman named EarthClaw, aided by the heroes of Evergreen Vale, bound her and her fellow druids’ spirits into trees at ElvenHome’s heartgrove, giving birth to a new species of sentient plant.

Arborea inhabits an anthropomorphic willow tree, vaguely female in shape. She can glamour herself with the appearance of other humanoids she has met, and can also magically travel at will between large enough plants. In battle she lashes at the enemy with savage claws and thorny vines.

Arborea retains no memory of her past life, and while she inherited a great deal of instinctive knowledge, including the power of speech, she is ignorant of most of the world, and distrusting of strangers. She carries an innate sensitivity to the health of ElvenHome, and is fiercely protective of the forest.


Evergreen Vale frostwalker