Evergreen Vale

37 - Minions of the Green Eye

Having finally opened the Western Pass, the party leads another group of reinforcements to at long last rejoin the Baron’s main army, which has already invaded the Red Maze. The party uses the elven waygates to arrive at the edge of Elvenhome ahead of their troops, but as they emerge from the waygate, they are ambushed by assassins from the citystate of the Green Eye. The party defeats them, and interrogates two assassins who surrender. From them, they learn the location of other teams of assassins. Once again traveling by waygate, the party goes to Primrose and recruits elves, gnomes, and dryads to hunt down the other assassins. With the strength they have available, they quickly put an end to the threat once and for all, leaving Elvenhome free of invading hobgoblins for the first time in more than twenty years.



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