Evergreen Vale

36 - The Legion Reborn

The 17th legion rearms itself and prepares to march to its old fortress in the western mountain pass of Evergreen Vale. There they confront their undead comrades in arms, and lay them to rest. The party accompanies the legion, traveling with the legion’s general, Vercigatorix. At the fortress, they are ambushed by Kasmar, who used his portals through the Shadowfell to arrive ahead of the party. He fights the party and Vercigatorix using the dominated undead commanders of the legion garrison, but is eventually defeated and killed. Vercigatorix relieves the undead members of the legion, and they pass on into true death. Vercigatorix informs the party that he intends to send out envoys throught the surrounding regions, to determine how best to carry out his eventual goal – re-establishing the authority of the long dead empire of Nerath. This will include judging the worthiness of Baron Ironblade to rule.



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