The World

The world is built on the ruins of empires. Great nations have risen and fallen over the centuries as one race or another has come into power. In their wake, chaos and darkness have followed. Now the Empire of Nerath, beacon of civilization, a nation of humans, but deriving its strength from the cooperation and friendship of many peoples, has been shattered by war, treachery, and disaster.

Points of Light

A century has passed since the fall of Nerath. Entire cities and towns lie ruined and forgotten. Monsters roam the land freely. Fortified villages, grim keeps, and diminished cities shine as dim points of light in the darkness- isolated islands of order and safety in a sea of danger and mystery. It is a world in need of heroes.

Evergreen Vale

Within the Greyspine Mountains lies the isolated barony of Evergreen Vale. Baron Josef Ironblade rules a precarious bastion of light within the valley, as have his ancestors since before the fall of the empire. Logging, hunting and mining are the lifeblood of Evergreen Vale. Goods flow down the Redpine River out of the mountains to Enigma Keep, one of the few remaining cities. To the west, danger looms from the arid lands of the Bronze Kingdoms, a coalition of aggressive hobgoblin city-states. Ever since the hobgoblins overran and occupied the forests of ElvenWood, on the western slopes of the Greyspine Mountains nineteen years ago, enslaving or driving out the elves who dwelt there, Baron Ironblade has paid an annual tribute of iron to preserve a fragile peace. But even within the Vale, danger lurks in the forests and mountains.

The Heroes

Talent, ambition, and destiny set heroes apart from most people. Young or old, they have the potential to change the world. They may be motivated by a strong belief in good, justice, or order, or a desire to protect their homes, families, or friends. Whatever their calling, they serve Baron Ironblade in defending the Vale from the darkness, and preserving the fading light of fallen Nerath.

Lady Kiri – Dragonborn Paladin

Lord Delba – Tiefling Warlord

Pieter – Human Ranger

Pele – Eladrin Wizard

Helo – Eladrin Rogue

Sister Terrafina – Dwarf Cleric

Arborea – Primeval Dryad

Evergreen Vale